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Coyote Population Government Scandal – TIME IS UP

I have done a lot of research and talked with an number people close to the coyote business such as trappers.

Coyote territory has been expanding for years – we are paying the consequences.


It does not add up – it does not make sense – it is not reasonable to allow the streets of Collingwood to be taken over by packs of wild animals – while our government fails to act and begins to blame residents for feeding coyotes with dog poop and bird seed while asking us to accept coyotes on our streets and to learn to coexist with them.

Our coyotes problem is not to do with lost habitat caused by development forcing coyotes into Collingwood or other cities or the residents creating a food supply of pet poop, garbage and bird seed for coyotes or the controversy over trapping but simply a coyote over population problem.  These other debated problems are a distraction from the real issue – the route of the problem. The shocking aspect is the government – provincial and municipal are covering the facts, and using our taxpayer funds for more government jobs while trying to educate taxpayers on a coexistence program that it is our fault. TIME IS UP. This needs to stop and Collingwood is going to expose this and engage residents to put an end to this – remove coyotes from the streets of Collingwood.

Coyote population control depends on hunting and trapping – they are multiplying beyond control – few predators (wolves and bears) – they are adaptable so can move into areas easily -their territory has been expanding for years across North America.

The  problem is the Town of Collingwood and other cities are relying on the MNRF to control coyotes but they are failing without oversight. The finger pointing begins while we  live with the fallout of the failed coyote population scandal.

Our governments have created an industry which creates government jobs – costing residents millions of dollars. As you may expect the government compensation program (pays for the damage done by wildlife) with $1.5 billion in funding is being mismanaged;  “it takes months for the program to be administered and the claim rejection rate is high; and the compensation provided is only a partial amount of the actual loss”. The government jobs are thriving but the funds are not being applied timely or properly – the program is under review – more wasted money.

Based on a report of the Simcoe County where Collingwood is located; 109 coyote damage claims were compensate which represented 71.95% of the wildlife damages. If this is representative across Ontario – the damages would be millions plus the cost of administration.

To add to the coyote population problem government jobs have been created as a result of the governments mismanagement of the coyote population. To add more to this scandal – the Ministry of Natural Resource and Forestry MNRF have banned coyote hunting in the Algonquin area to protect a wolves species – the MNRF felt hunters where confusing wolves for coyotes? This policy change further adds to population growth of coyotes.

The government response to the population growth is a coexistence strategy which is further protection of coyotes with taxpayers not only paying millions of dollars in compensation for coyote damage but also vet bills for attacks on our pets and the loss of the pets coyotes kill.

The MNRF is now promoting the coexistence program and cities are supporting this strategy – Collingwood is following the script. Coyote Watch Canada is a resource used to come into cities to try and help people live with the over population of coyotes – more wasted government funding to misinform residents.

The Town of Collingwood has developed the policy to date using MNRF, biologist reports and conservationist mandated to protect coyotes. Residents pay the cost of all these resources while our concerns/input/damages are dismissed.

Some municipalities have seen through this government scandal and have put their own programs in place to control the coyote population using compensation programs – acting to protect residents! One example is $50.00 per coyote vs hiring trappers for hundreds of dollars as explained in the link below.


It still does not make sense why the Town of Collingwood will not remove coyotes or why they are protecting coyotes in Collingwood – but I understand why they are doing it. Another factor is the political pressure from activist and conservationist who want coyotes protected while dismissing the attacks and killings of pets in Collingwood. I have been threatened by these groups and I find their position weak at best – it has not swayed my position.

Government is trying to blame us for the coyote problem and educate us to coexist with coyotes – it is time to hold our government accountable for this problem. -TIME IS UP.

I will try and make this point at the April 9th Deputation in front of Collingwood Town Council at a committee meeting scheduled for 5-8 pm in Council Chambers. Hopefully they will deny me the opportunity to speak about this issue.


Jeff Brown






Ontario Wildlife Damage Comp Simcoe County 2017_0001

Coyote Population Control Needed – In and Out of Collingwood

Coyote population needs to be controlled. This is natural and legal. If predators such as bears, wolves or disease or coyotes killing themselves are not effective controls then hunting and trapping is permitted by law and a necessity. Problem is the laws have not evolved to address growing concerns and incidents with urban coyotes and coywolves. Population data on coyote incidents (attacks, near attacks, bites, killings) are questionable 0 who is compiling this and for what reasons.

Unfortunately recent rules/policies mandated by MNRF (Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry) have contributed to the coyote population problem. A ban on coyote hunting North of Collingwood as been put in place to protect the dwindling Algonquin wolf population. The impact of this policy is over population of coyotes which for territorial reasons are moving South to urban centers such as Collingwood – for protection from other coyotes/coywolves. More problems to come our way.

Unfortunately the MNRF are relied on by the the Town of Collingwood (or finger pointing at the MNRF) to control coyote population or to solve the increasing problem we are facing in Collingwood. The MNRF does not trap or hunt coyotes but they set laws/guidelines for others to hunt and trap coyotes with the hopes that a balanced population will be the outcome. (ideally keep coyotes in the wild to thrive naturally) This may seem cruel to some but it is the law and it is necessary. The outcome of the questionable protection of a wolf species (recent name change to the Algonquin wolf) is an excess population of coyotes. Misguided policy now effects our safety in cities such as Collingwood.

The MNRF solution to the problem is coexistence education in urban centers with the support of Coyote Watch Canada and municipal funded programs for awareness of coyotes and preventative measures.  (the problem is here – so learn to deal with it) These government funded campaigns are intended to educate people to coexist with coyotes, accept the attacks and killings of dogs as normal wild animal behavior and when people are attacked by coyotes quiet actions will be taken to destroy the “problem” coyote(s) if they can locate it and distinguish it from the many coyotes in the area. Interesting issue is then someone (Town or OPP) has to approve a reactive safety measure of trapping or shooting coyotes in Collingwood. It does not appear this will happen with dog attacks but possibly with attacks on residents.

This looks like a common government mistake and mismanagement case with very high stakes and with more resources being spent trying to distract from the real problem of over population of coyotes. These coyotes are now making their homes in urban centers while creating risks to pets and residents of cities such as Collingwood. A recent attack of an older defenseless women walking her dog in Markham helps residents understand the risks (hopefully communicate this to government and police). The government recommended solution of resident education is designed to hopefully allow our streets to be turned over to wild animals as we are taught to avoid/prevent encounters with them. This seems to be the reverse of what cities should be – safe streets occupied by residents and pets on leashes and children safely playing outside on private properties and in public parks.

To make matters worse some people believe coyotes will not hurt them and that they are  the blame for attracting coyotes to our properties by having pets, pet poop or pet food,compose on our residential properties. This is a campaign to push the blame on the victims of ineffective government policy and poor leadership in the area of public safety. Residents are not the root of the problem attracting coyotes to Collingwood. (now that the coyotes are here some residents are more likely to have them show up on their streets and properties)

Government policy has created a situation for wild animals with no predators to roam at large in Collingwood. The presence of coyotes contravenes and contradicts the principles and intent of the laws we have in place to protect us and our pets from threats and nuisance from animals.

It is difficult to understand or accept why coyotes are allowed to be hunted and trapped in the wild but once they enter a city such as Collingwood they are protected from being removed. (hunting is not acceptable and trapping is extremely difficult) It appears that political pressure against hurting wild animals (coyotes)  wins over resident pressure (difficult to mount) to prevent coyotes from roaming at large and attacking and  killing our pets and risking the safety of people as coyotes roam at large in Collingwood.

People need to get engaged in this issue for something to be done.

Petition is a good start.

Email Clerk of Collingwood to voice your concerns. http://www.collingwood.ca/clerk email salmas@collingwood.ca

Email Collingwood Council members to voice your concerns. http://www.collingwood.ca/council

Jeff Brown







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