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Coyote Watch Canada Fails to Share the Facts on Risks from Coyotes

Coyote Watch Canada is a Federal Not-For-Profit community-based, wildlife organization which advocates positive human wildlife experiences. Problem is that  they will not acknowledge the actual incidents with coyotes or the non positive experiences humans and pets are having with coyotes or the devastation of enjoyable wildlife by coyotes (dangerous wildlife).

The educator of positive experiences needs to be educated on the reality that coyotes have killed people, are attacking people and dogs in urban areas. This is much more the leaving dog poop or dog food in our yards as coyotes are roaming at large and attacking on public streets. This is a serious matter which requires serious actions to prevent the risks from coyotes in cities where human and pets expect safety from wild animals.

Coyote Watch uses a formula of a hoax investigation of a resident who is allegedly feeding coyotes. This shifts the blame of coyote over population or coyote incidents to blame residents.

Coyote Watch Canada is not receptive of being told the real facts;

coyote watch email and response

If Coyote Watch Canada is coming soon to your community such as Collingwood; please advise them of the facts. – listing of a few coyote incidents.

People need to get engaged in this issue for something to be done.

Petition is a good start.

Email Clerk of Collingwood to voice your concerns. http://www.collingwood.ca/clerk email salmas@collingwood.ca

Email Collingwood Council members to voice your concerns. http://www.collingwood.ca/council

Jeff Brown