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Coyote Concerns Collingwood – Argument for Action – Launch

A Facebook Group and website have been launched recently to help address the coyote concerns in Collingwood as action has not been taken by the Town of Colingwood or OPP Collingwood.

Correspondence and website links from OPP, Town of Collingwood, Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, Coyote Watch Canada  have been provided to help educate residents and visitors to Collingwood . We have tried to share a conflicting view and identify the concerns that these stakeholders are not taking action on to prevent the risks people and pets are facing in Collingwood.

The unfortunate reality is that the coyote concerns are difficult for government and police to deal with. The harming of animals is not accepable to many. When a dog is attacked or killed or when a person is attacked or killed the public outcry should swing to removing the coyotes from roaming at large in Collingwood.  The Town of Collingwood is waiting for this happen before they will act on existing by-laws to remove the threat and nuisance of coyotes. The OPP will act once an inevitable incident occurs but unfortunately they will be too late. They will then do what we are asking them to do which is remove the threat. The OPP made an unfortunate error in 2015 in which they shot a dog mistaken to be a coyote and are now reluctant to shot or destroy coyotes in Collingwood. The risk of making an error creates an unsafe situation for residents, visitor and pets,

An argument is being made  that we have destroyed the habitat of coyotes which explains why they are moving into our cities. We have but many of us in Collingwood are not the ones who developed the coyote habitat or approved the development without properly relocating coyotes or dealing with the consequences of their lost habitat. It should not be thrust into the yards and streets of Collingwood with no action other then a weak coexistence strategy while it is being demonstrated that people and dogs are getting attached by coyotes in urban centers (see reported cases)

An argument is being made that we should not harm coyotes. Most people would agree that we should not harm animals. Any reasonable person would agree that an animal that attacks or kills people and dogs should not be allowed to roam at large in Collingwood. The problem is people are not being informed properly on the risks. Coyotes are unpredictable wild animals. The protection the coyotes deserve in the wild should be different then in cites.

An argument is being made that other cities have the same concerns with coyotes and are just educating people to coexist and trying to deal with problem coyotes.  The problem is that information is not being shared on attacks and killings to make informed decisions.   Who is compiling and sharing this information? What is a problem coyote? In Collingwood packs of coyotes are in residential areas daily in the day and night. That may not be considered a problem through the eyes of the Town of Collingwood or OPP but it is for residents who are scared for themselves and their pets. Coyotes are attacking small dogs and people in other cities. Coyotes have attacked dogs in Collingwood. We have notified the OPP in Collingwood and Town of Collingwood Clerk that this is happening and can happen in Collingwood. The MNRF and Coyote Watch Canada are misleading governments, police and residents that coyotes are “unlikely” to harm people and to keep blaming people if an attack does happen.


Collingwood Response to Request for Action Coyotes 03-02-2018

OPP Response to Take Action 02-28-2018_0001

Resident emails of immediate threat in area_0001

Action needs to be taken ASAP? If the Town of Collingwood and OPP will not act then residents will have to.

Unfortunately ii is the residents and pets who are being harmed by the presence of coyotes. We are asked to be more careful in our community without any action to remove the threat.  We are ones losing pets or fearful of losing a pet or being attacked ourselves or having our children attacked. The government suggests it is unlikely but we have to carry that burden. The reported risks by non government parties do not support the “unlikely” advice.

I founded https://www.coyoteconcernscollingwood.com/  and the FaceBook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/CoyoteConcernsCollingwood/ knowing that this is difficult project. I expect safety in Collingwood and specifically in the immediate area of my property. This is a very important matter to me. It is unconscionable that the Town of Collingwood and OPP have dismissed these concerns. I am willing to take the risk of  retaliation from the Town of Collingwood and Collingwood OPP for my families safety. I could not face the issue of an attack of a family member on my property as I know that coyotes are capable of harm and present at anytime to harm my family.

People need to get engaged in this issue for something to be done.

Petition is a good start.

Email Clerk of Collingwood to voice your concerns. http://www.collingwood.ca/clerk email salmas@collingwood.ca

Email Collingwood Council members to voice your concerns. http://www.collingwood.ca/council

Very Concerned Collingwood Resident,

Jeff Brown