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Coyotes Access Backyards with Fences

Coyotes can access our fenced backyards.

Hopefully you are aware that coyotes consider small dogs as prey. Please also be aware that coyotes can get over a standard residential fence creating risks for your dogs and children.

The following email from the MNRF advises us that “Coyote conflict with dogs are a fairly common occurrence in urban areas. It is not uncommon for habituated coyotes to go after small dogs”.

What is confusing is the statement “Generally speaking the presence of coyotes in urban area does not pose a dangerous situation or threat to public safety. However, coyotes are wild animals and should be treated accordingly”.

Therefore coyotes are dangerous, they commonly attack our dogs but by the MNRF standards are not a threat to public safety?

We expect a higher standard of safety in Collingwood.

MNRF email 02-21-2018 coyote concerns_0001

People need to get engaged in this issue for something to be done.

Petition is a good start.

Email Clerk of Collingwood to voice your concerns. http://www.collingwood.ca/clerk email salmas@collingwood.ca

Email Collingwood Council members to voice your concerns. http://www.collingwood.ca/council

Jeff Brown