Please view below  (Coyote Attacks) a detailed listing of attacks on people and pets across North America reported by the media – many go unreported and many missing pets go unaccounted for.

We would like people to be informed of the risks from coyotes. People with small dogs and children have a higher risk and should be aware of this.

The following information is a sample of available information online which disputes the position that coyotes are not an immediate threat to public safety; (we will add at the top of the page as we are made aware of incidents)

In Collingwood:

email council 04-13-2018 tragedy_0001 – Pet killed at Peel and Hume in Collingwood.

There have been Collingwood resident reported cat killings and other pet attacks which have not received media coverage.

Other Markets:

Research on Increasing Coyote Attacks on Humans Hamilton October 2018 dog killed

Attacks on farm animals in Ontario, Canada OWDCP 2017-18 Program Stats by predator

Coyote Attacks increasing attacks on people three year old attacked – coyote shot and killed in BC women attacked boy attacked on bike in Owen Sound attack on a person walking a dog    couple attacked Calgary trapped a coyote after it bit a golfer.–Pd2dlj5ET7RomoOEiQjhxZzyIqI4 Frisco dog and people attacked – several coyotes confirmed trapped by police. Sudbury dog attack Teen Girl attack dog attack 5 year old girl attacked attack and killing of a dog -coyote jumped 6 foot fence Florida resort attack–year-old-girl-under-investigation/article_5035fd3e-decf-11e8-88e0-b342dd21e25b.html  November 02, 2018

http://”an increase in coyote sightings in parks, open spaces and neighborhoods endangering all people, especially children.” cat attack and killed on night security camera large dog attached on a walk with owner video of cat taken by coyote – city will trap and stop this kind of concern. Three children bitten by coyotes in Montreal. Man bitten 5 times in Chicago – Coyote attacked him and his dog. (Based on attack on dogs – traps set for coyote) (Calgary attack on person – coyote destroyed) (pack chase a man and large dog) London Ontario – Police shot a coyote as a threat – out around people’s homes.  (young boy bit while trying to save his dog) (six year old attacked in a park)…/coyotes-kill-toronto-singer-in-cape-bre……/96968-protective-gear-saves-……/coyotes-attack-blind-husky-owner-f……/i-was-terrified-neighbour-rescues-……/trio-of-coyotes-attack-dog-in…/……/huntington-beach-weve-caught-…/…/letter-government-needs-step-s…/…/hastings-coyote-kills-dog/384133002/…/coyote-sightings…/1014058001/