Public Safety

Public safety in urban centers from coyotes roaming at large is an issue we need to develop research on. It is reasonable to assume a wild animal is unpredictable which poses a threat and danger in urban centers -coyotes are looking for food and to survive at all costs.

Since coyotes have demonstrated attacks and killing of pets then urban coyotes should be considered a public safely issue.

OPP to date in Collingwood have refused to make service calls over coyote sightings although they have stated they will respond to public safety issues. Threats from coyotes in the immediate area where people are in Collingwood or sightings should be a public safety issue. It is well document that coyotes attack dogs and cats which create danger for people who may get in the way of an attack while trying to save their beloved pet.

A public safety risk; Cougars killed after dog scratched, officer stalked ( the same should apply for coyotes)

Field Officer Nicole Caithness went into a wooded area near the park and quickly found a cougar looking at her.

“It had attacked a dog, it wasn’t leaving an urban area, so it was a public safety risk at this point,” said Caithness.

Bear wanders into Scarborough and is shot by police.