• urban habituated coyotes are roaming at large in Collingwood – resident sighting day and night. Several packs from three to seven at a time,
  • small dogs have been killed,
  • large dogs have been attacked, (in back yards)
  • cats have been killed,
  • difficult to determine pet tragedies,
  • many pets missing,
  • petition with with over 385 supporters to the Town of Collingwood asking to remove the coyotes from Collingwood – not action to date – many compelling comments for action,
  • quality of life in areas of Collingwood as deteriorated – people are scared.
  • in response to the above; Town of Collingwood recently passed a coexistence Staff Report as policy which allows coyotes to roam at large in Collingwood while suggesting 20,000+ residents need to be educated to avoid and accommodate coyotes,
  • to date the Town of Collingwood, OPP, by-law and animal control have not dealt with coyote wildlife,
  • media reports of increasing attacks in other markets  – people and pets,


Why Is The Coyote Issue So Complicated?

  • Misinformation
  • Concept of coexistence vs conflicting with the necessity of cities – human habitat for human safety including domestic pets,
  • Harming wildlife vs dangerous coyote (wildlife) devastating of enjoyable wildlife in cities,
  • Problem is over population of coyotes – leads to growing territories and urban coyotes and not problem is not people providing food sources to attract coyotes to cities,
  • Hazing of coyotes is effective with short term encounters but not long term ,
  • Education is needed on the real issues – over population of coyotes, new breeds of coyotes, threat, danger, damage from coyotes, pet attacks and pet killings, how to responsibly remove coyotes,
  • Residents/taxpayers do not have a meaningful voice in government policy – vote every 4 years – government is not held accountable for policy,
  • Coyote and Animal advocates and activists – organized to have a strong voice (misleading voice to win their cause) – attach to a misinformed ideal,
  • Residents have no advocates in this matter, government is setting policy on information from coyote advocates- dismissing residents,
  • Residents – pay their taxes – are too busy in life to get engaged with government decisions – safety and enjoyment of life in Collingwood is a good cause to support. Please get informed and engaged.
  • Coyotes are legally hunted and trapped to control population – thousands are harvested in North America annually like many wild animals including deer,
  • Protecting a few coyotes in Collingwood is beyond logic and negligent policy – the consequences are staggering in damages to safe guard pets and children.

Coyotes are in Collingwood – sighting report from the Town of Collingwood

coyote sightings report Aug 24 – Feb 17 Collingwood_0001

Town of Collingwood does not understand that sighting are from concerned residents – wanting action to be taken.