Our concerns are that Government funded agencies do  not responsibly advise on the risks associated with coyotes in urban centers. When people are led to believe that coyotes will not harm them (“unlikely”) or their dogs (coyotes will attack small dogs on leashes); an unsafe situation is being created.

When we encounter a coyote; we are told to stand tall or appear aggressive, make noises, back away slowly and do not run from coyotes. This appears to be good information which we should be aware of; especially in the wild.

  • Should we have to practice this on our private properties or parks or streets of Collingwood?
  • How do we expect very young children to stand tall and distinguish between a dangerous coyote and a neighbors friendly dog that approaches a child in their yard or in a play ground?
  • We are now facing packs of three or more coyotes. It is logical to assume that the risk levels are much higher and the basic defense we are expected to follow will not be effective?

MNRF (Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry)

The MNRF is responsible for the control of coyotes and permits for hunting of coyotes to attempt to mange the coyote population. Unfortunately the MNRF has made a controversial ban on coyote hunting/trapping in parts of Norther Ontario to protect an at risk wolf population which hunters mistake as coyotes. This decision is pushing the overpopulation of coyotes to Southern regions such as Collingwood.

MNRF advice on dealing with coyotes;…/preventing-and-managing-conflicts

MNRF risk assessment emails

Article on the need for coyote population control;

Coyote Watch Canada

We recently shared information of actual coyote attacks which they thanked us for. It does not appear this type of information will be shared through their website.

Town of Collingwood

Collingwood Response to Request for Action Coyotes 03-02-2018

The failure to act and negligence is not acceptable by all parties responsible for immediate threats to  public safety in Collingwood caused by coyotes roaming at large day and night.

Other Sources