deputation speech 04-30-2018

Coyote Concerns Collingwood

Town of Collingwood Council

Deputation Speech 04-30-2018 By Jeff Brown

Thank you Mayor Cooper and Council for the opportunity to share more information with you on coyote concerns in Collingwood.

Unfortunately – I have had to appear three times to build a case as a “resident advocate” in this matter – we need to voice our concerns and protect our rights to safety and enjoyment of life in Collingwood.

I first came to Collingwood in or around 1974 – went to high school in Collingwood – university in Toronto and working career in Toronto – have owned a Collingwood recreational property since in or around 1983 – and look to retire in Collingwood. I live on the waterfront and pay taxes of approximately $8,500.00 annually. I have been involved in a business in Collingwood which had a significant reliance on recreational uses of Collingwood. I believe I have a unique perspective from a number of stakeholders in the coyote problem – based on my extensive research – I believe I fairly represent many residents in this coyote problem.

I realize the awareness of the coyote problem in Collingwood is not what it should be –  misinformation and undermining the issues – many people are not aware of the pet attacks (small and large dogs) and pet killings or the packs of as many as 10 coyotes in areas of Collingwood –  and the attacks in many other cities across North America – or trapping program in other cities such as Montreal – after attacks on people.

In early February I became aware of coyotes in my area– first time in over 40 years – I notified the Town of Collingwood with my concerns and quickly realized nothing meaningful would be done – Collingwood does not deal with wildlife – OPP do not deal with coyote threats – over the past several months my neighborhood has changed – the threat and danger from coyotes/coywolves/coydogs has effected the enjoyment of life for me, my neighbors and others throughout Collingwood.

More people are becoming aware of the coyote concerns through a Facebook group I created in early March – with 260 members –  and through a website where over 25,000 pages of information have been shared  since early March – the coyote concerns Collingwood petition has 434 supporters – with a clear message to remove coyotes from Collingwood – the goal was to inform people with facts and research beyond what government and coyote advocates and activists are creating and relying on – dealing with the misinformation problem – danger and damages by urban coyotes.

I have been contacted by several area communities looking to the coyote concerns Collingwood initiative to succeed – to provide a framework for residents to fight coyote advocates and activists which are controlling government policy – many informed and concerned residents who see through the misinformation campaigns and dismissal of residents by governments in their area – similar script over and over.

I have had to generate several hundred emails and many hours of research – with the goal of restoring resident safety and enjoyment to areas of Collingwood. The attacks and killings of pets and wildlife has escalated this problem.

I have enjoyed wildlife in my area – we have an eagle we call earl, hawks, snow owl, fox, rabbits, mink, birds, and squirrels are a regular occurrence in my area and viewed from my property – what I consider enjoyable wildlife vs urban coyote dangerous wildlife – which has been killing and devasting Collingwood wildlife. I do not feed the wildlife and do not own a pet.

I am not a hunter or trapper and would not enjoy killing animals. But based on my extensive research –  I realize the need to mange wildlife populations by government – it is a reality for generations – and a legal solution – a topic that does not get the respect it deserves – plagued with misinformation. Unfortunately, Town of Collingwood coexistence policy and Amended Staff Report C2018-13 goes to great lengths to discount the problem we face.

Slide 2 Please – Coyote Population Problem – coyotes are on the move and acquiring territory – growing in population.

This is the route of the problem – the over population of coyotes and the damages they are doing in Collingwood and many other communities – governments have not been effective in dealing with the problem and the damages to residents are mounting – therefore forced coexistence campaigns – with conflicting strong sediments to not hurt animals by a majority of people – while pets are sacrificed in the coexistence model – while coyotes are harvested outside of Collingwood. This is the start of the misinformation campaign by governments, coyote advocates and activists which has been relied on for the coyote coexistence policy in Collingwood.

Slide 3 Please – Coyote Harvesting Realty – this is part of the needed population control – it is legal and necessary – in the past two auctions 164,000 coyotes have been harvested in North America. Trapping and hunting of coyotes is needed. The coexistence model avoids this fact. The staff report failed to identify that only one trapper is needed and could resolve the Collingwood coyote problem.

Slide 4 Please – Problem – Two options – Population control problem which can be dealt with very simply or – Coexistence model – living with urban coyotes and the damaging consequences. Resident Advocates concerns vs Coyote Advocates – which voice controls policy.

Slide 5 Please – Solutions – Two options – Control Urban coyotes – remove this dangerous wildlife to protect people, pets and enjoyable wildlife or – Protect urban coyotes with ongoing threat and danger in our community.

Slide 6 Please – Coyotes are present in Collingwood – this is a fact. This is not normal for Collingwood informed residents.

Slide 7 Please – Collingwood Coyote Sightings  – Coyotes have been sighted throughout Collingwood day and night and in packs of as many as 10 together at once – increases the threat and danger – the sightings are a cry for concern and help – not coexistence education.

Slide 8 Please – Coyote Advocate – Coyote Watch Canada – wants to keep coyote sighting information confidential to protect coyotes. –  promoting coexistence in the best interest of coyotes – knowingly sacrificing pets and other wildlife – implementing a formula of blaming residents for coyote problems – distracting from the real concerns – the go-to group for government – an easy script to follow.

Slide 9 Please– Coexistence Models Threshold for removing coyotes – I have referenced two coexistence models in which Collingwood has reached the point in which urban coyotes should be removed.

Slide 10-11 Please – Aggression Steps of Coyotes – this urban coyote expert recommends removal at Step #2 which Collingwood has reached.

Slide 12 Please – Threshold of Coyote Removal – Collingwood has reached the concern level and consideration of removal is recommended.

Slide 13 Please – Coyote Problem has Escalated in Collingwood – over 406 people have brought this to the attention of the Town of Collingwood via petition and many emails and calls – the Amended Staff Report C2018-13 apparently interviewed 6 people to arrive at an incorrect threat assessment over the past several months.

Slide 14 Please – Implications – unfortunately the implications of coexistence policy on residents has not been considered – this is a weakness in the Collingwood policy developed in partnership with coyote advocates – there is no resident advocate considerations.

Slide 15 Please  – Exposure to Collingwood – this policy decision has been delayed and made very complicated when it doesn’t need to be – if you do not deal with the coyote problem responsibly and protect the safety of pets and residents in Collingwood – it is very likely that legal action will be taken with the Town – the courts will not be influenced by coyote advocates and activists and will acknowledge the damages  coexistence policy has had on residents and will value the rights and lives of pets. The courts will be concerned over the possible discrimination of handicapped, disabled, seniors and young children who will not be able to haze coyotes to protect themselves. This is a very disturbing path Collingwood has chosen – taken the bate of misinformation and the wildlife feeding charade to protect unpredictable wild animals (known to be dangerous) roaming at large in Collingwood – known to attack people and pets – no meaningful enforcement –  this defeats logic of any reasonable person – the cost and implications of this policy on Collingwood is staggering. I have developed policy in large companies –  I am shocked that this approach to policy development is acceptable in Collingwood or in any community.

Slide 16 – Please – Summary – Please load the video – in closing please watch the following video which is also available on the YouTube Channel.

For residents watching this meeting on TV and who would like a copy of this deputation and links to other information on coyote concerns – it is available at on the “Updates” page.

Thank you for your attention in this important matter facing Collingwood.

Please make a responsible decision on behalf of residents.

Thank you.