Coyote Damages

Updated 05-26-2018 1:00 pm

Current focus on personal injury law firms applies to dog bites and attacks on people,

The law holds owners responsible for injuries caused by their dogs or animals. These owners are liable to pay compensation for injuries and losses which the animal causes. Normally the owner’s homeowner or tenant insurance policy will pay the compensation. Animal owners are responsible for injuries caused by vicious dogs/animals who attack and for injuries caused by an owner’s failure to keep their animals properly contained.

In Ontario, animal attack and dog bite victims who suffer serious and permanent injuries can recover damages compensating them for all of their losses, including their pain and suffering, their past and future lost income, their extraordinary future health care and home maintenance costs and their out of pocket expenses.

Coyote bites / attacks and threat of danger.

Parties liable;

  1. Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry “MNRF” is responsible for population control of coyotes (regulates hunting and trapping). They are failing to effectively control urban coyote populations and with a recent ban of coyote hunting/trapping in the Algonquin area – has lead to population growth.
  2. Towns and Cities have animal control bylaws to protect pets and people – dismissing the threat and danger from urban coyotes. Accepting the attacks and killings of pets as normal behavior for coyotes.
  3. Towns and Cities contract police services who are failing to act.
  4. Police are under service agreement to address safety – dismissing the threat and danger from urban coyotes.
  5. Coyote advocates/activists are running misleading campaigns to promote urban coyote coexistence policy to protect urban coyotes. (false “investigations”, wildlife feeding charade (blaming people for the urban coyote problem), questionable and unsubstantiated “science” and facts misleading on the risks and damages related to coyotes) Misleading protection of wildlife campaigns as coyotes actually kill wildlife in urban areas.
  6. People participating in cyber bullying and intimidation.

Damages from urban coyotes

  1. Attacks on pets – vet bills (out of pocket expenses), pain and suffering of pets and pet owners.
  2. Killing of pets – cost of vet (cremation – out of pocket expenses), mental suffering of pet owners.
  3. Stress from the ongoing threat and danger related to urban coyotes roaming at large.
  4. Costs for protection – recommended fencing, motion lights, hazing tools.
  5. Loss of enjoyment of life – restricted use of public and private space. (keeping pets and children indoors, restricting the use of your own property by your pet, avoiding walking on streets and parks)
  6. Human Right issues with requiring hazing safety skills which can not be administered by elderly, handicap, disabled and young children. Expected to fight off coyotes – stand tall, walk backwards, yell, throw things during interaction with coyotes at large in cities.

Opportunity to set precedence  with damage claims related to urban coyotes.

Negligence – allowing urban coyotes to roam at large in cities.

Negligent misrepresentation in coyote coexistence policy.

Aggravated damages  – as cities are forcing coexistence policy while dismissing the damages caused by residents.


Examples of damages;

OWDCP 2017-18 Program Stats by predator