Once you have reviewed our risks page it should appear clear why action should be taken. Sorry for the comprehensive information but risks are high and safety warrants some of our time. The question now becomes what action and by who, when and where.

We have summarized by stakeholder what is being done and can be done – including an extensive resident action plan. Unfortunately very little is being done as there has been a failure to act which has led residents to act by exploring and developing an action plan for concerned residents.

Everyone will agree that we should not allow wild animals such as coyotes to roam at large in Collingwood and attack our pets or residents. The difficult question becomes what should be done about it, when and by who. It appears that the strategy to date is to wait for attacks and deal with “problem” coyotes who attack. Actions can be taken now and ongoing to prevent attacks when coyotes are in our area. The Town of Collingwood and OPP responses are below the resident section.


Resident Engagement in having the Town of Collingwood and OPP to take action.

Unfortunately public pressure needs to be mounted for coyote actions to be taken. If we stay silent then the issue will not exist in the minds of the Town of Collingwood and the OPP. The system is built on complaints, public pressure and political campaigning promises.

Resident Complaints; (the following steps will also create public pressure)

  1. Email the Town of Collingwood Clerk with your concerns over the immediate threat to public safety caused by coyotes roaming at large in Collingwood. email
    Example of emails; Resident emails of immediate threat in area
  2. Call the OPP and ask them to deal with the immediate threat coyotes are causing you, children and pets in your area. Call 911 or Collingwood OPP at 705-445-4321
  3. Email the OPP Inspector (Chief of Police) in Collingwood asking for action to be taken to deal with the immediate threat to public safety from coyotes roaming at large in Collingwood.
  4. Email  Collingwood councilors and ask them to address the coyote concerns of Collingwood by removing them form Collingwood and keeping them out.
  5. Sign an electronic petition to ask for action.  The petition will be emailed to the Town of Collingwood Clerk.
  6. Present a deputation to Town of Collingwood Council (Jeff Brown the developer of this site will be appearing in front of Town Council to make a case for action – looking for people to also appear.)

Resident Created Public Pressure

  1. Voice your concerns.
  2. Exercise your right to complaint and ask for action. (steps above)
  3. Make the media aware of your concerns.
  4. Share your concerns on social media such as FaceBook
  5. Follow the coyote issues  in other communities and notify the Town of Collingwood Clerk and OPP. Use Google Alerts “coyotes animals”.
  6. Make the coyote threat to public safety an issue with current Council and future Councillors.


April 9, 2018 Deputation to stand in front of Town of Collingwood Council to voice concerns on coyotes in Collingwood.

Update page lists some of current actions being taken.

deputation written submission 04-02-2018_0001

Written Submission – Deputation 09-04-2018

The misleading communications of coyote information has caused mixed reaction by residents;

  1.  Some believe coyotes will not harm them,
  2. Some are starting to realize their small dogs are at a higher risk of coyote attacks,
  3. Some are realizing they are at risk with packs of coyotes frequently in specific areas of Collingwood,
  4. Parents are concerned for their young children in their yards, public parks or streets of Collingwood – forced to take unreasonable precautions daily.The awareness and concern level is mixed.  Unfortunately, governments are often late to act and only when there is a lot of public pressure. The pressure will come from awareness of the risks or a tragedy in Collingwood or a well publicized tragedy in a nearby community or the GTA. Collingwood appears to take the lead of other communities.

There is information available on this site and Government sites to educate residents to avoid attracting coyotes to residential properties and strategies for when you encounter coyotes. (See the prevention page.) We do not feel this information is effective protection from coyotes as there have been attacks on people and dogs in urban centers as displayed on our risks page.

Media Coverage we have generated to bring awareness to the coyote issue

Resident Awareness Program;

  1. Please be aware of our website and Facebook Group to understand and develop informed concerns.
  2. Talk about the coyote issue with other residents and visitors to Collingwood.
  3. Make yourself and family aware of preventative education.
  4. Please post public notice sheets on community mailboxes and other public areas you can think of; Sample Public Notice. Coyoted Concerns Collingwood Public Notice to ensure others are aware of coyote concerns. (some areas are impacted more)
  5. We all have a responsibility to become aware of the issue, understand the coyote issue and take action to keep our community safe.

Town of  Collingwood

The Town of Collingwood has taken a politically correct approach and refuses to take action to remove coyotes. The Town of Collingwood contracts the OPP for our safety so the Town of Collingwood is therefore accountable for our safety. They can’t tell us they do not deal with wildlife to attempt to avoid responsibility or push the issue off to the MNRF, Coyote Watch or OPP.

Town of Collingwood Coyote Request for Action 02-26-2018_0001

The Town of Collingwood’s focus is on an awareness campaign (unfortunately misleading the public on risks wtih coyotes)

The Town of Collingwood has failed to act on by-laws put in place to protect us from animals. A recent post expands on this issue.

Many residents would support a removal of coyotes using a relocation program which could only be organized and funded by the Town of Collingwood. Trapping programs are difficult to implement and live trapping is extremely difficult given the intelligence of coyotes – they will not walk into a baited cage like racoons.


Call 911 or Collingwood OPP at 705-445-4321 “will respond to emergency calls about problem coyotes if there is immediate threat to public safety“. Not clear what this is as coyotes are roaming at large, they are wild unpredictable animals that can appear on our private properties, parks or streets at any time of day.

Unfortunately there was an incident in 2015 in which the police responded to a coyote concern in which the police shot the animal but later realized it was a dog. In general the Collingwood OPP recognize the threat and need to remove coyotes from Collingwood but they have internal constraints that prevent them from acting.

The Collingwood OPP are not trained and do not have the equipment to tranquilize coyotes.

The Collingwood OPP response to resident request for action;

OPP Response to Take Action 02-28-2018_0001

Collingwood OPP has not been responding to coyote concerns to date in Collingwood but they should be called.

Resident Trapping Program;

A program is being developed for residents interested in having coyotes removed from Collingwood. Unfortunately the OPP and Town of Collingwood will not trap coyotes which leaves residents with the burden and the only choice to remove coyotes in the short term. Trapping is not the ideal choice but the only removal option for residents.

  1. Understand the law. MNRF Guidlines for coyotes
  2. We have obtained a list of “wildlife agents” or licensed trappers from the MNRF offices in Midhurst. Trappers have been contacted and trapping has been discussed in ideal locations.
  3. We are proceeding. Residents are coming forward to help us by making donations and providing approvals to use their properties for trapping.
  4. We are formulating the best trapping program to succeed based on the resources we have with a short term and a long term plan.
  5. Review the link to the draft of the initial Draft Residential Trapping Program
  6. Please consider participating by approving your property for trapping and/or helping fund trapping.
  7. email us for additional information and to participate.
  8. The firearms by-law is an alternative approach which has obvious issues. Collingwood Firearms bylaw

Tourists and recreational property owners;

Difficult to gauge the concerns of these individuals. Safe assume they do want coyote concerns.

Collingwood Area Farmers and Large Property Owners; (outskirts of Collingwood)

Please help in our efforts to control coyotes entering the neighborhoods of Collingwood and putting residents and pets at an unacceptable threat.

The current provincial and municipal laws allow for the removal of coyotes on your property causing or threatening damage by appropriately licensed individuals. We will post people to connect with to help you with coyote problems. Please note the information provided is as of March 02, 2018. Laws should be reviewed at the time you proceed. The Collingwood by-law department can be reached at

Dealing with animals posing a threat or nuicsance in Collingwood;

MNRF Guidlines for coyotes

Collingwood Firearms bylaw (please ensure the Town of Collingwood has not taken action to change this to reduce our rights before taking action-


Coyotes under Ontario hunting laws can be hunted. MNRF provides guidelines such as type of license required and other restrictions which are enforced. With private resident owner approval; hunters can and do hunt in the Collingwood area. Coyotes can legally be shot by hunters and as a strategy to control the population concerns of Coyotes.

MNRF email on permitting hunting and license requirements;

MNR Hunting email 02-27-2018