Speech 04-09-2018 Town of Collingwood

Thank you for the opportunity to be heard by Collingwood Council members – and people watching this taped session  – which is  about to be seen by many communities who are interested in regaining safety in their streets from failed coyote coexistence in cities government policy  – and learning how residents can organize and change failed government policy

I am  Jeff Brown – a resident of Collingwood acting on behalf  of informed and concerned residents of Collingwood- about  coyote concerns we face  –  problem and dangerous coyotes are roaming at large in Collingwood, threatening residents and pets, attacking and killing pets – causing nuisance  – devastating other wildlife such as rabbits, deer, fox, swans – which residents enjoy in  Collingwood  –  we need to stop this coyote horror in Collingwood.

Unfortunately this is an issue some residents may not have encountered yet  – although many have – people who have visited coyoteconcernscollingwood.com are commenting – I did not know this was so bad – we need to take action and remove coyotes from Collingwood – but many people have not been reached yet and are not informed- governments are often slow to respond – until tragedy happens – tragedy has hit Collingwood –  as pets have been killed in Collingwood by problem dangerous urban coyotes- once people are informed on the facts and risks which our government is withholding – and misleading us with misguided policy-  we can resolve this dangerous problem.

People will choose the right solution and pressure government to enforce the laws that are in place to protect residents and pets in Collingwood – and not hide behind  the games played by animal activists –  residents in Collingwood should not have to protest and sign a petition to remove coyotes –  for safety in Collingwood –  but we have been forced to play this game over the past month –  many cities have been struggling with coyotes –  people are moving to Collingwood to get away from problems in other communities – some of the same cities Staff are developing Collingwood policy from – cutting and pasting to create quick policy – as in the latest Staff report on the Coyote problem in Collingwood  – by Staff who do not deal with wildlife – uniformed policy for Collingwood residents –

Some large cities have chosen the path developed by activists to protect coyotes at all costs – while allowing pets to be attacked and killed as a consequence of failed coexistence policies of coyotes living in cities –

Some smaller cities – who have a closer relationship and are in touch with residents – and are more responsible governments – have compensation programs to control the coyote population issue  – even though there is a government mismanaged $1.5 billion Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation Program funding many government jobs – and is under review.

To which coyotes are 72% of the damage claims in Simcoe County–  this program highlights the costly damage of the over population of coyotes – millions of taxpayers dollars – cities that are not run by activists are taking action.

Progressive cities such as Montreal are proceeding with a trapping program with a $30,000.00 budget to rid the city of coyotes after resident complaints and attacks.

An America city had 68 complaints about coyotes and put a trapping program in place to trap 14 coyotes  for $1,800.00– Collingwood Staff did not understand why council made this decision when a biologist recommended coexistence to protect the coyotes– that Council acted on behalf of residents – a model that should be used in Collingwood

I have made recommendations to the Town of Collingwood to trap coyotes and even offered to pay the few thousand dollars – as have other residents –  to address this problem in a simple cost effect way – immediately – even though we have an annual $5,000,000 police service budget, plus animal control people and a by- law department to act on our laws and to ultimately protect residents and pets – Collingwood is not acting on our laws – coyotes have created a disturbing exception to laws -principled in protecting us.

To some people coyotes may be an old story and an over reaction by some – to the sad reality and deterioration of safety in many cities– the more time I have spent researching and investigating the issue of coyotes in cities –  I have found many disturbing facts – the alarming increase of attacks not reported by government coexistence advocates– the change in behaviour of urban coyotes –

Misleading and outdated government materials and advocates such as Coyote Watch Canada used by governments to blame residents for the coyote problem – the bias reports about ecosystem balancing and destroyed habitat are weak at best and misleading – we do not have a rabbit problem in Collingwood and if we did –  we would not allow coyotes at large to deal with it – coyotes are actually destroying the balance of wildlife in Collingwood – talk to farmers – talk to residents about the missing deer and swans and rabbits –in addition the coyote problem is not about the minimal habitat we destroyed – weak argument to blame us again.

The real coyote problem or blame of the coyote problem is the over population of coyotes – managed by the same government wanting us to coexist with coyotes after their failed population control– coyotes are multiplying and mobile – and entering areas in growing numbers

With my accounting background  and extensive legal experience I am uncovering the alarming financial damages coyotes are causing to residents and all taxpayers – and as a parent and concerned resident the damage from stress  of the threat of losing a pet or child, emotions of helplessness from government failing to act  and the loss of enjoyment of our city and enjoyable wildlife, while 20,000 residents are asked to change our lives to accommodate packs of dangerous wild coyotes – build fences – put up motion detection lights – stop feeding birds –  walk in groups – carry whistles – walk backwards…

Signs of ridiculous government policy at the cost to taxpayers – because our government is failing to act on our interests –  the upsetting role of activists which are setting misguided government policy –  with misinformation about the danger of urban coyotes – and devastation coyotes are doing to the wonderful wildlife in Collingwood and our pets-  from people far removed from the communities they are disrupting – such as Collingwood – people that we have not elected are creating policy in Collingwood – affecting safety issues on our streets to further their cause – of protecting wild dangerous urban coyotes- and the millions of  wasted taxpayers dollars governments are spending to hide this problem –

This is the basis for another TIME’S UP type of campaign – people need to report their coyote incidents – contact coyoteconcernscollingwood.com –  and report the failure of government to act – this abuse of power needs to stop – we demand safety in Collingwood –  the activists protecting a few dangerous coyotes while threatening our safety has to stop.

I am engaging media and investigative journalists to put a spotlight on the coyote problems.


If Council approve and support the Coyote Management / Communication Plan and practices in place regarding co-existence with coyotes, enhancing the public education and awareness campaign –  Staff Report C#2018-10 dated April 9, 2018 – as the solution to the coyote problem – residents will have to pursue litigation to help affect change as the courts are often called on to change policy and prevent  and stop negligent actions  –  there is no –  non confidence vote procedures in Municipal politics – yet – so we have to try other strategies.

I can’t share all of my extensive research in this short presentation but much of  it is available at www.coyoteconcerncollingwood.com. – which is a resident perspective that will conflict with government information and bias misleading activist information.

Please look at the Coyote Concerns Collingwood petition – and the opposing petition to protect coyotes –  and choose prevention of the killing of our pets and enjoyable wildlife  – over the protection of a few problem coyotes by activists – the dangerous urban wildlife coyotes – who belong in the wild – which under our laws can be trapped and removed from Collingwood. – they have caused damage and are threatening more damage daily.

Collingwood Staff and Council appear to be waiting to see if coyotes will hurt or kill a child – before they take action to remove this danger from our streets – the killing of our pets is not enough tragedy to take action to remove coyotes.

On April 2nd 2018 I sent an email to Council and Staff – the written submission for this meeting – it can be viewed at


I will share this TV taped program to help inform other residents in Collingwood and other communities struggling to deal with coyote concerns.

Here are a few additional thoughts to leave you with;

  1. I asked the Town of Collingwood to close down the Nip Spooner Park and address coyotes in Blue Shores – where three coyotes were frequenting – my concerns and those of others were dismissed – weeks after the warning;
    1. A large black lab dog was attacked at about 10pm one night as the owner took him out before bedtime – Earl’s dog was attacked by two coyotes – the owner was able to chase them away- left with an injured pet needing over 50 stitches and a vet bill of $1,100.00 – upset and wanting action taken to remove coyotes
    2. A small dog named Wally – was taken from his own steps by wild coyotes that roam freely in Blue Shores Collingwood and area – after many hours of searching – the owner found Wally’s gutted body remains – they are devasted by the loss of their treasured family member -they want to help stop the carnage and make Blue Shores safe for all family members  –  upset and wanting people to be aware of coyote danger and asking for action to be taken before this happens to a child in Collingwood – this family is worried about visiting grandchildren in Collingwood – which are now not safe to play in their yard with coyotes roaming around day and night.
    3. Activists in Collingwood – have taken down our mailbox postings to warn people of the danger of coyotes – danger a word the Town has refused to use – as it would force them to take action.
    4. The Town – Staff and councillors – and these activists should be held accountable for these tragedies – for the killing of Wally and other pets which have not been reported yet.
    5. The Town of Collingwood should stop working with this group of people and standing with them at your “living with coyotes information session” – stop allowing activists to set policy in Collingwood – and further endanger residents and pets in Collingwood – other then coyotes.
    6. Activists are setting you up for a negligence law suit – while advancing their cause to protect coyotes – with no regard for safety in Collingwood.
  2. A petition is available at coyoteconcernscollingwood.com and has over 240 signatures and growing quickly – the comments are very telling of the concerns by residents in Collingwood.
    1. One comment tells of a story of a man in his yard with his dog who heard a ringing sound close by – he looked over on his street and saw a coyote walk past with a dead cat in its mouth – the ring was from the bell on the cats collar – this resident has helped three neighbours bury their pets.
  3. I am waiting on a Freedom of Information Request to identify how many coyote concerns have been received and dismissed by the Town of Collingwood – at a cost of over $300.00 to me – and unreasonable delays and complications to date in processing this information- preventing access to this information.
  4. There are many other coyote threats and attacks in Collingwood and across North America which highlight the increasing risks and danger of coyotes; many are found at www.coyoteconcernscollingwood.com/risks
    1. A six year old boy was attacked in a park – his leg grabbed and he was dragged by a coyote – fortunately his Dad was in the park and scared the coyote away – we have packs of three coyotes in the parks in Collingwood – Town Staff suggest dog bites are a bigger issue – dogs are not attacking kids and dragging them away to eat them!
    2. One of my neighbors here tonight and hoping to speak – is Jean – widowed and owns a small dog – representative of the many seniors in Collingwood – she is threatened by coyotes on  her property frequently – stalking her small dog – she cannot fight off these coyotes – and is upset that she has to face this problem in Collingwood – other seniors have emailed me with similar issues – these people are not activists or protestors – but want to – and need to be heard and demand safety in Collingwood.
    3. A sunset point resident reported 7 coyotes at his window – stalking his dog.
    4. Cranberry Village people who once enjoyed many deer – are now haunted by sounds of coyotes and no more deer.
    5. One resident from Wasaga Beach wants us to succeed in removing coyotes so she will use the same approach – she has lost three cats to coyotes – hunters have shared pictures with her of the devastation coyotes are doing to deer.
  5. Coexistence policy of living with coyotes in cities is failing
    1. These policies rely on government commissioned stats that coyote attacks are unlikely but it is being reported in the media differently – which has been shared with Town Council and staff – that incidents with people is happening at an alarming increase – proactive cities like Montreal are responding to residents concerns and are starting to trap coyotes.
    2. Coyote Watch Canada – used by government to try and calm residents, blame residents, protect coyotes and push the government coexistence agenda –– recently reported “ “Something’s happened and there’s been a change in coyote behaviour.”
    3. Coexistence is failing – that is what is happening – coyotes are wild unpredictable animals looking for food – and you are allowing them loose in our City – their behavior of attacking and killing for food should not be a surprise to any reasonable and informed person – the shock to many is that our pets have become a food source – and small children may now be at risk.
    4. We have known in Collingwood for some time – the risks are increasing as coyotes become fearless of people – we are told to keep  yelling to scare coyotes away  – we are not threatening to coyotes – they are intelligent – this is more effective in the wild where coyotes are not accustomed to people –  but not in cities – in addition the coyotes are in packs which increase our risks.
  6. In response to our concerns – Collingwood has embarked on an education campaign to teach 20,000 residents to coexist with coyotes and try and blame residents for the coyote problem – suggesting pet droppings and feeding birds are sources of food which attract coyotes to Collingwood and our properties – and that this is the route of the problem.
    1. Small children are now asked to stand tall and make loud noises to scare off coyotes – walk backyards when approached by coyotes – if our children get frightened by a pack of coyotes and run – they are more likely to be attacked as frightened coyote prey.
    2. According to our government – Small dogs are commonly attacked by coyotes in cities – their solution is to educate us to keep our dogs on short leashes and close to us – coyotes have snatched dogs off leashes in other cities – attacked and killed a dog close to its home and on private property in Collingwood – Collingwood Town Council appears to accept the attacks and killing of our pets –  to allow coyotes to roam at large in Collingwood.
    3. Government education material suggests coyotes are unlikely to attack large dogs – we have had two attacks on large dogs on one street in Collingwood recently – that I am aware of.
  7. In response to our coyote concerns efforts – a petition is being promoted by a Collingwood Animal Rights Advocate Group – “Protect the Wildlife in Collingwood – Coyotes at Risk”  –  who is sponsoring a Coyote Watch Canada information session – this misleading campaign fails to recognize the devastation coyotes are having on deer, rabbits, swans and foxes in Collingwood – and the ban to feeding birds  and failing to acknowledge the need or interest to protect our pets in Collingwood.  They are willing to put our pets and children at risk to protect a few over populated problem dangerous urban coyotes.
    The Town Staff and Council have sided with this activist group to date – and are appearing with them later this month – to educate us to live with dangerous urban coyotes – and promoting this strategy with Town resources  – sadly ignoring the damage coyotes are causing in Collingwood – to enjoyable wildlife and domestic pets – and residents.
  8. Please visit coyoteconcernscollingwood.com/action and get involved in this issue.
  9. The population control of coyotes is being mismanaged by government;
    1. The legal trapping and hunting of coyotes has not been effective in keeping the coyote population out of cities – where there is no current effective population control – the wisdom of our government appears to be – let them destroy everything in reach – while asking us to stay out of the way of coyotes –  and hope they run out of food and move on to neighboring cities – while blaming residents for the problem – distracting from the real issue of over population of coyotes – while claiming residents are the problem by feeding coyotes  – pet droppings, bird seed and garbage- I find this very upsetting -we expect and demand much better government action.


Coyote Concerns in Collingwood – safety to residents and pets should not be a complicated issue – and should be the foundation of action – protecting enjoyable wildlife and removing dangerous wildlife is essential.


I will leave you with this last thought;


People enjoy to see lions in the wild – but they do not want lions on their streets, parks, trails and in their yards frequently – as we are experiencing with coyotes. There is a place for wildlife where coyotes should be protected in their habitat –  but not our habitat within our cities – dangerous and problem wildlife – such as coyotes should not be roaming at large in Collingwood- where residents and pets – should be protected.

Please inform yourself at www.coyoteconcernscollingwood.com and get engaged to remove coyotes from Collingwood to bring back safety and protect the wonderful wildlife in Collingwood.


Thank you for your time.


Are there any questions?

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