This site has been established to share information to address concerns of coyotes in Collingwood, Ontario – from residents’ perspective with references to opposing government funded failing coexistence campaigns.

Overview video – by a lawyer puts the coyote coexistence model in perspective

Pets are being attacked and killed in Collingwood.

The problem is many people are not aware of the coyote concerns and are not being told about the actual risks of having coyotes at large in Collingwood – packs of wild dangerous animals. Please take some time to inform yourself beyond the governments coexistence campaigns. Coyotes and coywolves belong in the wild and not on our streets. We do not have a rabbit or mice problem in Collingwood and if we did; wild coyotes are not the solution.

We are addressing coyote concerns raised on behalf of resident (adults, children, parents, grandparents), pets and the many visitors to Collingwood.

Our goal is to develop and share information beyond what we are told to accept by government agencies as it relates to coyotes in urban centers such as Collingwood. The outcome will be to help people understand actual risks which we should not be expected to be exposed to and action plans to protect residents, pets and visitors.

The following video gives good insight  into the coyote population problem;

Urban Wildlife Management

We want to provide information on the risks related to coyotes, laws available to protect us and ways to ensure these laws are acted on and/or providing information to allow residents to take action. If the laws are changed to put us at further risk then we need to get engaged to keep our community safe.

To date there have been no steps taken to remove Coyotes from Collingwood. The government programs are mainly focused on coexistence strategies to minimize conflict while recognizing coyotes are unpredictable wild animals who will prey on small dogs. There is much more to understand.

To date we have had a failure to act by the Town of Collingwood and Collingwood OPP.

There will always be public concerns and disagreement on the treatment of animals. In the case of wild animals such as coyotes; the Ontario laws permit hunting of coyotes to control concerns over their population. The removal of coyotes in Collingwood is permitted by law. By-law 94-17 allows the use of firearms by “individuals licensed to trap fur bearing animals within the County of Simcoe under authority of the Game and Fish Act of Ontario, R.S.O. 1990 with permission of the owner or tenant of property or at the request of the Police Service for the soled purpose of the destruction of an animal posing a nuisance or threat to inhabitants or to humanely destroy and animal in distress.” Trapping of coyotes is permitted by law.

Coyotes have attacked and killed people and dogs.

911 or Collingwood OPP 705-445-4321 “will respond to emergency calls about problem coyotes if there is immediate threat to public safety”.

Unfortunately in the short-term the burden is on residents to take action.

People need to get engaged in this issue for something to be done.

Petition is a good start.

Email Clerk of Collingwood to voice your concerns. email

Email Collingwood Council members to voice your concerns.

Jeff Brown

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